Hello, my name is Sam Weekley, and through this greeting I hope to convey, and to extend a warm sense of genuine southern hospitality to you as you view my bio, and the accompanying portfolio pages.

I am a Central Florida native, and currently reside in the Orlando Florida area.  I attended the University of Central Florida (2001-2003) for my Bachelor’s degree, which was in Liberal Studies, with a concentration in Communications, and minor’s in Sociology, and Professional Writing.  In the years following graduation, my chosen field of employment was the broadcast industry.  For several years, I worked for two large, local Orlando area radio conglomerates (and several radio stations), and in advertising for two very large, and very influential advertising agencies in South Florida.  I reached the pinnacle of my broadcast career while working for the advertising agency that handle’s “Burger King’s” national broadcast radio, and TV campaign.

In the Fall of 2008 I was offered a short-term missionary opportunity, which ultimately changed my life completely.   Upon returning stateside, I realized that my chosen field of occupation would no longer satisfy my new-found passion and desire for serving others.  After months of deliberation I decided to begin a re-education process in a field that I had always dreamed of contributing my life’s work toward: Public Administration and Government Management.  In November 2010 I began my journey with the University of Phoenix(‘s) online MPA degree, which ultimately provided a foundation, and a platform for me to prove to myself that I could indeed become successful in the field that I had for so long aspired to contribute to.  In January 2012, I transferred to the University of Central Florida’s Master’s of Public Administration program, a NASPAA accredited program within the College of Health and Public Affairs.  In December of 2013 I graduated (with a 3.7 GPA), subsequently completing my re-education journey (at least for the time being).  My research interests are:  education, tax policy, trade/commerce, urban/regional transportation planning, and sustainable development with alternative energy solutions to complex environmental issues.  I have also deliberated (the possibility of) applying to law school, or perhaps continuing my education and applying for an accredited doctoral program (at sometime in the near future).

In conclusion, I have included a .pdf copy of my professional resume, located in the left-hand side bar of the Website.  I have also included writing samples from past school research projects, and a page to display editorials written for various classes during the pursuit of my MPA.  I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolio, and please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or even a quick hello!  Thank you sincerely for stopping in.